About Us

The Volunteer Centre aims to help people in need, through the direct actions of local volunteers, by providing support groups, and through information provision.

We seek to identify gaps in community care which can appropriately be met by volunteer activity. We also assist and promote other community-based health and welfare groups in their activities. Currently we directly promote the welfare and community involvement of people who have needs arising from being elderly, disabled, physically or mentally ill, house-bound, isolated, visually or hearing impaired, or from learning difficulties.

Our assistance takes the following forms: car transport to hospitals, surgeries, clinics and some social activities; shopping for the house-bound; shopping trips for the elderly and disabled; befriending; computer training; gardening and other general practical work for people with physical incapacities: a range of group activities as well as information provision.

We always welcome new volunteers or requests for our services.


For more information please contact Lorna on:
Tel: 01663 744196  Email: lorna@nmvc.org